Manesorn Sunflower, Khao Yai Thailand

Opened on Friday, 23 November 2018. Happy with the vast sunflower field at Khao Yai. The area is over 500 rai of good atmosphere. Have a nice photo shoot.

Rai Manesorn Sunflower

This month December, we will take a breath of fresh air with a sunflower field at Manesorn Sunflower Khao Yai. No matter where you look. I saw the bright yellow sunflower. Surrounded by green valleys. The atmosphere is good. And have a nice photo. Follow the bloom of the sunflower field at Facebook. Manesorn Sunflower, Khao Yai Thailand

Admission fees

Free Kindergarten Kids
Elementary school children -> 20 Bath
Adult -> 40 Baht
Foreign tourists -> 80 Baht

ไร่มณีศร ทุ่งทานตะวัน เขาใหญ่
update 25/11/2018 Time taken 08.00

The farm will gradually grow to bloom until after the new year. Now the flowers bloom around 40 rai. 25/11/2018 Time taken 08.00 Will bloom until after 2019.

More information —> Manesorn Sunflower, Khao Yai Thailand

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