Koh payam, Ranong Thailand

The simple way of life of the villagers is not urgent. Nature also encourages us to take a refreshing aura. Listen to the sound of waves to comfortably.These are the reasons why we invite you to Koh Phayam.

Koh phayam, Ranong Thailand

Journey From Bangkok By Bus

Take a car around 20.20.From Bangkok to Ranong about 600 km far enough for driving to own.So the bus ride to the most convenient.Form Transit Bangkok, Southern Bus Terminaln (Sai Tai Mai) There is a New mit Tour , Choke anan Tour / Som but Tour.
Take a car around 20.20 PM from Bangkok To Ranong Bus Station about 05.00 AM. There will be a minibus write that Koh Payam – Koh Chang.The minibus to go the pier.

Go to Koh Phayam
The pier to Koh Phayam is Pier Pak Nam Municipality Pier.
There are two types of boats. Normal boat and speedboat

– For normal boat will cost 150 baht per trip takes about 2 hours. Time About 9.30 am And 14.00 pm
– Speedboat will cost 350 baht per person. Travel time is about 40 minutes. Time About 10.00 am And 14.30 pm
***Cost  Not sure for foreigners.

payam islan
Koh phayam, Ranong Thailand

Koh Phayam Pier at Mae Mai Gulf (Ao Mae Mai).

Mae Mai Gulf
Mae Mai Gulf
Mae Mai Gulf

Recommended time

Morning: Of course, you must see the sunrise at this bay. Because the bay faces east. Walk through the rocks and sand dunes, but be careful of the glass fragments are very much. And the dogs may be out of the bark.

Afternoon: The sea and the sky are dark. The sandy beach is orange, looks different, beautiful, different from Ao Yai and Ao Khao Kwai in the west.

Evening: See a little sunshine in the evening to sit at the beach shop. I have a lot.

For travel on Koh Phayam. On Koh Phayam, there is a motorcycle only. For those who drive a motorcycle. And to drive on the island. We recommend to rent a good 2-300 baht per day. If it is not, then it is not. Price based on the distance of each beach.

Yai Gulf
Yai Gulf
Yai Gulf https://pantip.com/topic/30305751

There are 2 ways to reach Yai Gulf (Ao Yai). Turn left It is on the south side of the beach with a left turn. A separate school is the way to the north of the beach. There are plenty of beachfront options along the beach.

Recommended timeMorning:
If you want to see the sky with dark sea. I have to go to the morning. Because the sun is behind. If it is a low tide will see the sandy beach beautiful.
Afternoon: Hot weather. The sun is full of beautiful sea.
Evening: Have a look at the sunset here. In the evening, there are guava out to swim along the beach.

Khao-Kwai Gulf

Recommended timeMorning:
The sea and the sky are dark. Photo angle guide on the Gulf of Buffalo, the rocks are similar to the arch.
Afternoon: A low tide. Walk out to the middle of the bay. The feeling is very immense.
Evening: Can see the sunset as well. The sunset is on the left side of the bay. Maybe just see the evening light. Do not see the sunset

Kwang-peeb Gulf
Kwang-peeb Gulf

Recommended time
Since I was only two and a half hours from 10 am to 12:30 am, I can not say that this is the morning and the afternoon. See the sunrise – fall? Because the bay is on the north side of the island. I need to know.

Comeback from Koh Phayam
– For normal boat Time About 8.30 am And 14.00 pm
– Speedboat will cost 350 baht per person. Travel time is about 40 minutes. Time About 9.00 am And 13.00 pm

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