Doi Mon ngo, Chiangmai Thailand.

Located in the area of the Royal Development.The scenic spot is located on a Phu Chi Fah, at an altitude of 1,225 meters.

Go Go Doi Mon ngo, Chiangmai Thailand.

Scenic sunrise 2 km from the tourist center can see the beautiful sea in the winter.

The road to the Doi Mon ngo. It is opposite the Sobping temple. Turn right into the town of Kuan Kae 12 km to narrow and moderate. The car can drive it. Drive along to the intersection, which will have signs. Turn left to the Royal Rambut Project or home development. Today we will sleep at night. Homestay


It is a natural tourist attraction that can see the mountain tops and cascades away. Visitors will experience nature. And cold Morning sunrise and beautiful mist stretching along the valley for several kilometers. By the west. Doi Inthanon Next to the north will be the sky cover and cover the next. East is Doi Luang Chiang Dao.
In the evening can watch. Sunset at the mountain view point. When compared to the fog to the beautiful place at Chiang Mai.


All types of cars can go up except van. The route is narrow and thin in some areas. The last route before the viewpoint is the Din. It may be difficult for a car saloon, in fact, if you do not know the route is not recommended to take private car. Should use the tour bus service is best.

There are two points to view the mountain. The sunrise and the fog can be seen close to the point is the highest view point to walk up to 300 meters, which will not see the sunrise. Panoramic view. The fog is a steep mountain. Most of them will wait to see the sunrise at the first point before moving on.
Maximum viewpoint Arrive to the sunrise at the first point of view. From the parking lot walk a little more about 100 meters.

Visitors can stay overnight. At the Royal Project, Ramkhamhaeng, Lung Chaedad and Homey village. There are several services available. And watch the mist in the morning. From the Royal Project to the top of the hill for about 30 minutes for those who are interested to see the sea to the view point Doi Moo. Can drive to own.
All cars can be routed to the view point, but if the car must drive with caution, do not recommend the car to go up. Some routes are narrow, if not confident in the route or if there is no private car. You can contact the tour bus service from the hotel, such as the Royal Doi Mon ngo, Chaingmai and homestay at Doi Mon ngo. There will be a tour of the mountain.
For those who want to spend the night at the mountain. No accommodation and restaurant service. But there are tents and bathroom facilities. Tourists who want to stay overnight on the view point must bring their tents and prepare their own water for a fee to take care of the place 20 baht per person over 150 baht (bring your own tent). Bed with sleeping bag
Car rental and tent rental are available at 085 621 8991.

From downtown Chiang Mai. Take Highway No. 107 heading to Mae Rim. Go to Mae Taeng district. Then turn left onto route number 1095 (this route is used to travel to Pai. Maehongsorn), a 10-kilometer distance, will be visible at the entrance to the Royal Project Development Center.
And the city of Guan. On the right hand side The entrance to the school is about 7 km to the junction with signs. Turn left Go to Moom Rambut (viewpoint on top of the house) for about 7 kilometers, this road will begin to narrow the way up the hill. Car park Almost not a concrete road and the next period will be.
Concrete road Alternate road to the development center of the Royal Project. I will see a little more. At the entrance to the mountain ramp on the right hand side for a further 7 kilometers to Doi Mon ngo.



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